Vinyl & Marmoleum Flooring


Flooring Systems offers you some of the most exciting and advanced products for your home. Designed to inspire you to create the atmosphere you want in your interior.

All our Marmoleum products have a Topshield finish which makes cleaning and maintenance easy.


has an incredible 70 million nylon upright fibres per square metre, Flotex provides no hiding place for spills and stains. Flotex floor coverings are 100% waterproof so it cleans like a vinyl.


has become very sophisticated in its manufacturing process, with many different designs and finishes making it a more cost effective alternative to more the more expensive floors such as hardwood or other branded makes.

Vinyl flooring is an easy and affordable way to customise the floors in your home. It is easy to clean, low maintenance and comes in a range of finishes and textures.

To find out more about our Vinyl & Linoeum call us on 01275 854673 or visit our showroom.