Nick said: "Underlay is a bit like the Cinderella of the carpet world but it's really vital and can extend the life of your carpet by up to 40 per cent.

"It makes for a more luxurious feel, stops rucking and slipping and generally literally takes the pressure off your carpet for years and years so it is important to consider."

There's a very wide choice The Complete Flooring Company will guide you through that includes:


Luxurious comfort, great carpet protection and appearance retention

Rubber Underlay

Suitable for all areas, luxurious and this is the most popular type in Europe

Crumb Rubber Underlay

Suitable for domestic and commercial use as this is very hard-wearing. It protects against furniture indentation and premature wear in heavy duty areas

Wool Felt

This is 100 per cent recycled fibre which is highly durable, feels luxurious and is suitable for domestic and commercial properties.

Combination (felt and rubber) Underlay

Deemed as the best of both worlds, the base is recycled rubber and top is 100 per cent recycled fibre.

Wood, engineered wood and laminate floor underlay

Fibre boards provide great insulation, noise reduction and a metalised underlay with aluminum tape gives excellent protection from harmful damp.

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