Engineered Wood

Nick said: "Engineered wood is choice to make that's strong and durable, looks as good as real wood but is easy to install and you don't have worries over moisture causing expansion and contraction."

Engineered wood is made of several layers melded together using high pressure which produces a strong, great looking floor.

The middle section of plywood is laid cross-ways to ensure extra strength and the top layer is pre-finished so as soon as it's laid you can walk on it.

Engineered wood isn't affected by moisture from underground or in the home and that means underfloor heating is an option to fit for a cosier feel.

The top hardwood veneer of engineered wood can range in depth which means there is some give if you need sand or eliminate scratches as long as it's professionally undertaken.

Installation is also easier than for real wood. The planks often click together or may require nails and glue but Nick's team can ensure it goes down smoothly for an exact fit.

Nick said: "Engineered wood can be cheaper than real wood and far better looking than laminate. It's a very popular option for customers who like real wood lovers see their homes increase in value with floors like this."

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