Nick said: "Eight years ago wood was the most popular option and economical, hard-wearing laminate but carpets are making a comeback for their natural insulation, warmth and noise reduction, especially in the lounge and bedrooms."

The Complete Flooring Company has a huge range on offer to suit all budgets from as little as £100 for an average size room, to as much as you can afford.

You may want a soft, warm contemporary carpet to curl up on in front of the fire - or need a rustic, tough and rugged surface for toddlers and animals - the options from simple to sophisticated are virtually endless.

Wool, natural plant fibres and man-made materials can be woven together to create a multitude of textures, colours and shades to instantly change any room.

Until recently every shade of beige was often the first choice of customers who wanted carpeting to go with furnishing but now colour is flooding in.

Bright, bold stripes - especially on stairs are making and entrance and fantastic shades that are real showstoppers and make your floor a fabulous feature.

There is a lot of choice and Nick is happy to guide you along the way, through colour, texture, loops, twists and traditional weaves to ensure your carpet matches your lifestyle and pocket.

"I listen first and look at customers' lifestyle - do they have cats, dogs, young children? Are there any allergy problems and then I work within their budget."

Unless your carpet comes ready-to-roll with underlay, what lies beneath is almost as important as the carpet on top.

Good underlay takes a lot of the heavy duty footwork from the carpet, stops slipping and rucking, adds comfort and can extend the life of your carpet by up to 40 per cent.

Well looked after, a bedroom carpet can last 20 years and while hall, stairs and landing get more of a hammering and last possibly half that time it's still years that you want to appreciate the choice Nick has helped you make.

Nick is happy to guide you through the wonderful world of carpets from abstract and classical to natural, Persian and textured to ensure you find a match that's perfect for you.

Types of Carpet

Axminster British carpets were first made in 1755 and are still synonymous with quality and durability. Luxurious to the touch, they are compiled of complex weaves where each individual yarn colour that goes to make up the pattern is selected by a gripper and woven. A maximum of 12 colours can be used but this gives a huge choice of pattern and texture. Both Axminster and Wilton carpets are woven on huge machine looms able to create very intricate patterns.
Wilton carpets are woven in a continual strand all the way through the fabric using a maximum of five colours. These carpets are stable and hard-wearing.
Loop Pile
A very fashionable, hardwearing carpet that minimises the appearance of footprints and fluffing. Closely aligned to this is variable loop.
Twist Pile
Yarn that has been twisted tightly giving a hard-wearing, irregular surface that minimises footprints and fluffing which means a practical and heard-wearing carpet.
Flatbed Weave
Flatbed weave offers a modern textured approach using yarn doubled over to give strength and durability.
Tufted carpet is economical and quick to make by adding yarn to a pre-existing backing with special adhesive.
Close cut short pile with a smooth surface which offers a velvety feel
Longer than usual pile, tufts tend to be closer together, a more luxurious choice
Luxurious and decorative this is more for the penthouse lifestyle
Carpet Tile
Fibre bonded onto pre-made backing for very hard-wearing flooring.

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